PopAds Review 2022: Popunder Network With Payment Proof

The Internet is full of advertising networks. Everyone loves the idea of making money online and hence advertising has shown an exponential rise in terms of growth and involvement of both advertisers and the audience. What makes internet advertising so attractive is that it uses collected data to target specific audience resulting in the better response from the people. With people looking for easy money online through advertising, many scams have also come up in order to trick people. So, it is very important that you start your online advertising earning strategy starts with a good advertising network.

Today, we are going to review a well-known ad network PopAds. PopAds is a great tool to make money online if you have a platform that has a good online traffic. Along with a brief review, we will also show you how you can start making money online with PopAds and help you decide if this is the ad network for you. so let us begin with our review.

How To Make Money Online with PopAds.

With so many ad networks around, signing up and starting to make money online has become a very quick task. Same is the case with PopAds. To start making money online with PopAds, click on the signup button below.

From here, you will be headed to a simple sign-in page which will take only a couple of seconds to complete. Then, PopAds will verify your website and check if your content platform meets all the requirements for signing up with PopAds. The list of requirements is very basic and it is quite easy to get approval from PopAds as opposed to the mainstream advertisers such as Adsense. We have also given publishers requirements below for your convenience.

PopAds for Publishers.

If you are a publisher or a webmaster, chances are you are looking for ways to monetize your platform and earn money through it. Out of many ways to make money online, advertising turns out to be the biggest piece of the pie. There are many ad networks and choosing which one is the best for you may be a little overwhelming. Hence we bring the best ad network for you and here we have everything that you as a publisher need to know about PopAds.

PopAds is an online advertising network that uses pop up and pop-under ads as a medium to deliver advertisements to the public. This network works on CPV model which means the rates are decided for each view of ad-popup and not the click on the ad.

Payment from PopAds.

While there may be many rumours online that PopAds is scamming publishers and withholding payments, this is not true at all. There are so many proofs online that show payments made by PopAds to various publishers over a period of time. The only people who feel scammed and are complaining are the ones whos accounts got banned due to unfair means or violation of content policy. If you stay fair and within the terms of publisher’s agreement you agree to while sign up, there is no way your payment doesn’t reach you with PopAds.

Minimum Payout: 5$
Payment Frequency: Daily
Payment Methods: PayPal, Bank Wire, Payoneer.

As you can see the minimum payout is quite low and hence a huge plus point for the PopAds ad network.

Popads Payment Proof

Pros of PopAds Ad Network.

Upsides of using the PopAds ad network to earn money online are mentioned below.

  1. PopAds is well established and known. PopAds network is a very well known ad network that has been tested by the market. It has a very high Alexa ranking and is known be one of the most stable pop up ad networks on the internet today. It is a good way to start making money online.
  2. Easy Approval. There are many content platforms that face an issue while opting for advertising as a way to earn money online and monetize their content. This issue is being rejected by mainstream advertising companies due to their strict policies. But such is not the case with PopAds. Getting approval is quite easy with PopAds as the restrictions are quite limited. So, If you are not accepted by mainstream companies such as AdSense, PopAds can come to rescue and help you make money online.
  3. Best Payout Options. The most important aspect of earning money online is to actually convert into currency. PopAds has the best payout rates with minimum $5 that can be withdrawn daily via PayPal and there are other options as well. Low minimum payout means lower risk.

Cons of PopAds Ad Network.

Along with all the benefits, there are some negatives that you must know about PopAds ad network which are given below.

  1. Popup Blockers. Most modern web browsers come with a pop-up blocker. This may reduce your income with PopAds as it works solely on showing pop up and pop-under ads to users. This might be a downside as the money you earn online may be comparatively lower. But this isn’t a downside of just PopAds, the case will be same as any pop-up ad network.
  2. Unfair counting and Account issues. While many people have been showing proofs of handsome payments received by earning online with PopAds, there have been some cases where publishers and webmasters are reporting issues that ad views are being skipped while counting or views are being regarded as unacceptable. some users have also reported account bans so make sure you read publisher’s requirements properly beforehand.
  3. Irrelevant ads. Even though with PopAds, your traffic doesn’t really need to click the ad, you will be paid for the views, chances are pop up ads will annoy your traffic. The ads may also not be very relevant to the content that you publish and may leave your traffic with a bad taste. Hence, it is always advised to choose your advertising model according to your traffic as you know it the best.

PopAds for Advertisers.

If you are an advertiser and looking to advertise with PopAds, this is what you need to know. PopAds has been helping products and services to gain more reach online via serving pop up and pop-under ads to traffic on content publishing platforms. The network gives you a whole array of ad campaigns to choose from and you can target the ads on various traffic parameters such as geotags, age, sex, time and many more. The bidding process is also very intuitive and easy to handle. The ad network has a great tech implementation and a dashboard control to handle it all.


All in all, this is everything you need to know about PopAds. We hope that all the information about the ad network given above helps you decide how to earn money using PopAds ad network in a way that can make the most for you. Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comment section below.

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