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Advertising is one of the best as well as the most widely used medium for monetisation of free content. From Radio & Television to the printed media such as newspapers and magazines, advertising has become a primary source of income for content creators. The same trend has been followed on the internet for a long time. We all know the best advertising company is Adsense from Google but the industry is huge and has given rise to competitors as well. Here in this article, we are going to review an Adsense alternative ad network Chitika and how you can make money from your content using Chitika ad network. If you are looking for a way to monetize your content online, but are not being able to get Adsense approval, you can use Chitika. Chitika is a great way to make money online by displaying ads on your website along with the content you share. Let us know more about Chitika and how to make money online easily using Chitika ad network.

How To Make Money Online Using Chitika.

If you are interested in Chitika ad network or are just looking to make some money online using your content platform, here is all the information you need to get started. Before we start the review, let us first know how to start making money online using Chitika.

Chitika has a very intuitive and modern website which makes it a breeze to sign up, implement ads and start making money online using Chitika as it is one of the best ad sense alternatives. Click on the sign-up link given below.

After you’ve entered your email and verified it, fill up the rest of the form with correct details. Then you can go on to create ads and use a simple script to implement them to your content platform. Chitika claims that the sign-up process takes just 30 seconds and we agree that the site is fairly simple and intuitive to use, making it very easy to start earning money online using Chitika.

The terms and requirements for the ad network are fairly simple and easy to follow. The approval is easy and you can read the latest publisher’s terms by clicking “Here”.

Chitika Review For Publishers.

Chitika is a media ad network that works on PPC model of online advertising. PPC stands for Pay Per Click and it means that you as a publisher get paid for each click on the ad hosted on your platform.  The cost is based on the demographic and location of the traffic. Rates offered by Chitika as fairly competitive compared to other alternatives of Adsense but there is no doubt that you can compare it to Adsense.We already listed best pay per click ad networks. Where you can find many other awesome networks. Many publishers pair it with ad sense to boost up their online earnings. Let us learn more about Chitika from the publisher point of view.

Pros of Chitika ad network.

The Interface.

We must commend the fact that Chitika has one of the best user interfaces for ad networks and management capabilities. The system is so user-friendly that even a first time user will find it very easy to publish ads and start making money online. The control panel offers all the necessary bells and whistles nested into a very intuitive interface that is fairly easy to navigate and understand.

Ad Customisation.

Chitika is known for the ease it offers in terms of customisations given to publishers in terms of ads and their behaviour. The publishers are free to choose the colour schemes according to their platform and use any size for banner and media ads according to their preferences and liking. These abilities are missed in many of the competitor ad networks and make Chitika a considerable option.


Another point in favour of Chitika is that it has a record of timely payouts and can be trusted in terms of transactions. The network offers a very low minimum payout of $10 and payments can be scheduled on a monthly basis. The modes of payment offered by Chitika are via cheque and Paypal.

Accountable Customer Support.

Customer support is one of the most aspects of any service as it has a huge influence on the service experience. WIth Chitika, you will never be disappointed by the excellent service support and customer care experience that the ad network provides. The network makes sure that you, as a publisher do not face any kind of difficulty regarding advertising with Chitika.

Cons of Chitika.

Just like everything else, Chitika ad network also has some downsides that you need to consider before starting advertising and making money online with this ad network. Here are a few things that you should know:

Mediocre earnings.

With Chitika, it might take a while to make money as the earning potential of this ad network is not very high when you compare it with market leaders such as Adsense.  The CPM rates are marginal and hence earning capabilities with this ad network are limited. But the workaround is that you can couple this ad network with another kind of advertising model and increase your earnings online using Chitika.

Limited Advertisers.

With Chitika, you get a limited choice of advertisers so there are chances of irrelevant ads being displayed on your platform. this results in a lower number of clicks and hence lower income based on CPM model of advertising. There have been cases where Chitika was found to be running same ads irrespective of the kind of website. But this drawback is common in all the competitors and can only be rectified using mainstream advertising networks such as Adsense.

Chitika Payment Proof


All in all, this is everything you need to know about Chitika. We hope that all the information about the ad network given above helps you decide how to earn money using Chitika ad network in a way that can make the most for you. Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comment section below.

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