Bidvertiser Review 2021: Advertiser & Publisher PPC Ad Network

Advertising is one of the best ways to support any free to user platform. With internet websites and mobile apps growing exponentially, advertising networks have become a common way to advertise on the internet and make money. This method is advantageous to both the blogger/developer as well as the advertiser while the traffic enjoys free content with just a few advertisements. These days, there are many ad networks that have a different model of payments and advertising. In this growing industry, it has become a little difficult to choose the best ad network from the vast number of options available.

Today, in this article, we are going to review in detail a “Pay Per Click” or PPC ad network “Bidvertiser” which can help you earn money online. Bidvertiser is one of the oldest advertising company on the internet and it has been running successfully since 2008. This ad network can help you make a lot of money if you run a small to mid-sized blog/website. So let us begin for “Bidvertiser Review” along with the procedure about How to make money from Bidvertiser ad network which is based on PPC.

How To Start Making Money From Bidvertiser.

First of all, it is very easy to start making money online using the bidvertiser ad network. Given below are the easy steps using which you can use Bidvertiser to earn money from your blog/website.

Make sure to fill up the form correctly and you will receive an activation code on your given email ID. Once the verification is complete, fill up the rest of the details and you are ready to go. Before signing up, make sure you read the publisher’s requirements and guidelines before signing up or it may be a little difficult for your website to get approval from this ad network.

Publisher’s Guidelines and Requirements.

As we know Bidvertiser is a very old network, it has been a good competitor of Adsense. To keep up with this trust and performance in the advertising business, Bidvertiser has issued some guidelines and requirements that publishers need to fulfill in order to get approval for ads and work with Bidvertiser. These guidelines are :

Sites that are involved with pirating, spamming or hacking are banned from the network.
Sites that are still under development or are not yet completed will not be accepted into the network.
BidVertiser does not accept the usual sites that display adult and sexual content, excessive profanity or vulgar language, drugs or other illegal substances, or sites that promote hate speech or hate groups.
Publishers are not allowed to trick or incentivize visitors into clicking their ads. Being caught doing this will result in a ban on the network.

To read the latest Requirements and Guidelines for Bidvertiser ad network, click here.

Bidvertiser Review for Publishers.

If you are a publisher/webmaster, then this is what you need to know about the ad network Bidvertiser. Bidvertiser is a bidding-based ad network hence merchants bid for ad space on your website. This means you will always get the highest paying rate for ads on your platform. Although this may seem the best option for advertising. There is also a downside that needs to be considered for Bidvertiser. As the advertisers Bid for your platform, there is no geo-filtering or niche based ads.

Thus, the ads being displayed on your platform may be somewhat irrelevant to your traffic and the number of clicks on your ad banners may be less when compared to target ads offered by other networks such as Adsense. In spite of this, the Bidvertiser ad network has been successfully running and you can also give it a try. It has worked to boosted revenue for many and may work for you as well.

Types of Ad formats Available At Bidvertiser.

Slider Ads – These are more intrusive ads that will command the attention of your visitor but they will take away from the overall experience the visitor will have on your site. These are not recommended if you are focused on providing the visitor with a frustration-free experience.

Pop-Under Ads – These ads will appear behind the active window, only revealing themselves when the user closes the site.

Catfish Ads – 320×50 ads that flow at the bottom of the screen in mobile devices

XML Feed Integration –Use XML feeds to show ads across web applications.

Getting Paid Using Bidvertiser.

The most important thing with any ad network online is the process of cashing out. There is no use of earning money if you can’t convert it into cash in your bank account. Hence, you must be eager to know the minimum payout for Bidvertiser. The minimum cash out  balance for payment on the Bidvertiser ad network is $10. You can get your payment via all the major money transfer services available online such as PayPal, wire transfer and Cheque. The Minimum balance is quite agreeable and hence any user can test this network without having a fear. This can be good if you just want to see if this is the ad network that helps your platform make money online.

Bidvertiser For Advertisers And Merchants.

If you are a merchant or advertiser looking for a good advertising network for your products and services, you can consider Bidvertiser. As Bidvertiser follows a bidding system, you can get the platform of your choice to advertise your product. You can visit the platform yourself and decide if it is worth your money. This means complete control over your ads. But along with this, it also takes away the ease of automated target as offered by competitor ad networks such as Adsense.

Hence, choosing Bidvertiser can only be beneficial to you as an advertiser only if you know your audience. If you are just a beginner and do not know much about online advertising, we can not recommend you this ad network. But if you are familiar with advertising platforms and the kind of traffic you want, then you can definitely get some ads at a very competitive price.

Bidvertiser Payment Proof


We as an ad review company can only show you the facts, the pros, and cons of an ad network. Same is the case with Bidvertiser. Considering all the points mentioned above. We hope you make the correcting decision of choosing bidvertiser for your online endeavors or skipping it for now. Bidvertiser is many focused PPC network but few of us want to try and test multi type networks like propellerads which provides multiple type advertising. It totally depends on our site traffic and niche and we only can conclude by testing which performs best. We would love to hear your thoughts on Bidvertiser and its competitors.

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