Best PPD Sites 2022: Top 10 Pay Per Download Websites

Advertising on the internet has grown into an independent industry. There are people working full time in this industry. Many companies based on internet advertising are finding and experimenting with new models of advertising in order to attract publishers as well as user traffic to earn more. Many of such advertising models on the internet are flourishing and growing continuously. The best part about internet advertising is that publishers get a large share in the ad revenue making it possible for content creators and publishers to earn decent to handsome income online through various platforms such as blogging, YouTube and more. Previous in similar context to earn money online easily we discuss about Best PTC Sites to earn some quick cash.

Today, we are going to discuss Pay Per Download sites. PPD are a great way to earn money online, along with the traditional online advertising options. These PPD sites offer to store and host your files and offer to pay you for each download. All you have to do is upload your file and share the link with your traffic. It does not matter what the source of your traffic is, you get paid for every download. There are many services that offer to earn money online in this way but not all of them perform the same. Hence, here in this article, we are going to list the “Top 10 Best Pay Per Download Sites” for you along with their brief reviews. You can then choose your the PPD site that suits you the best and can start earning money online easily.

List Of Best Pay Per Download Sites.

No matter where you publish your content, if you have files that a large amount of traffic downloads, you can monetize them using PPD or Pay Per Download network and sites. These sites pay you for every download of the files that you share with these PPD sites. This one of the most trusted way to earn online as well as maximise your online income using the traffic that you already have. If you want to earn online using PPD sites and networks, here are the Top PPD Sites for you to choose from:

1. ShareCash.

ShareCash is also one of the oldest players in the game of PPD sites. This site offers quick surveys to the traffic which turn into earnings for the host. Users are paid for each download. The rates are high and minimum payout is just $10. Payments can be received by direct bank deposit, Paypal, Payza, wire transfer etc.

2. UploadOcean.

UploadOcean is one of the most trusted PPD Service on the internet. It offers good rates and people can generate a good income from this ad network. It offers a hassle-free file hosting service which is highly recommended. Upload ocean is one of the best ways to monetize your downloads.


Advertising rates for Asian country traffic are usually low and publishers & content creators are always looking for better rates in such countries. is an Indian PPD web service and offers the best rate for traffic from the Indian subcontinent. The price is also good for Tier 1 countries like USA & CANADA.

4. Dollar Upload.

Dollar Upload is yet another PPD site that offers a way to earn by uploading and hosting files. Users can even lock a link to content as interstitial ads, thus maximizing the earnings. Payment is easy as well as the minimum payout threshold is $10. Hence, it is a good choice as a PPD network.

5. UsersCloud.

UsersCloud is one of the best PPD services available on the internet. It is a hosting site that offers unlimited storage space to registered users. In addition, there is an option to double your account into on-demand file hosting with offers the benefits of PPD. That means users are paid when people download hosted files. It has the cleanest interface for a PPD site as it focuses more on file hosting.

6. Daily Uploads.

Daily Uploads is also a very commonly used PPD network. It is known for its speed and dependability. Users can easily host and monetize files with the help of Daily Uploads. The minimum payout threshold is only $10. Hence, people prefer Daily Uploads for its performance.

7. Upload Cash. is also a good PPD service that helps users earn money by hosting files and sharing links. It offers 300GB of storage and maximum file size of up to 2GB. You can also draw traffic towards your hosted files from a blog, website, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Try it via the sign-up link below.


We Strongly recommend FileIce as outstanding platform in all pay per download sites for users with a blog or website. All you need to do is register, upload your files and share the link on your content platforms and media. You will start earning with FileIce as soon as people start downloading your hosted files. There is also a referral scheme that will help you earn more by inviting others.

9. LinkBucksMedia.

LinkBucksMedia is a fairly new PPD site. But it is legit and even hosts monthly contests for users to earn more. It has an average rate of $.08 per download but it can vary according to the traffic source and demographics. Visitors even have the feature to share the file link on Facebook and Twitter. The minimum payout thresholds are low to $5 and then you can get paid via PayPal, Payza, and Payoneer.

10. FileBucks.

FileBucks is another Indian PPD network on the list of best PPD sites. It offers about $20 for 1000 downloads on average which is a very good rate. It offers payments via PayPal, Payza, etc, as well as bank deposits in India.

In conclusion, these are the best, most legit and best-rated PPD sites available that you can use to maximise your earnings on the internet. If you have any questions or queries regarding pay per download sites, then feel free to write to us in comments below.

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