Top 12 Best PPC (Pay Per Click) Publisher Sites – 2022

Internet today has become a world of its own. There are million-dollar companies and tech giants such as Google and Facebook which are entirely internet-based services. But the vastness and diversity of the internet cannot be contained. Hence, there are many apps and web platforms that come live on the web on the daily basis. All this has been possible by just a basic practice of Advertising. There are many ways to make money online through a web platform or an app. PPC or Pay Per Click is one of the best and one of the oldest models of online advertising practices.

With PPC ad networks, you can place advertisements on your site and you as a webmaster or app developer will be paid for every click on the ad once your traffic starts visiting. This model is very simple to understand and implement. Hence, even after a rise in competitive advertising ad models, PPC ad networks are still the first choice for every webmaster or app developer and even the advertisers. So, Here in this article, we are going to help you choose the best PPC ad networks for your web platform or app. We have the list of top 12 best PPC sites, along with their brief review, that you can use to advertise and make money online very easily.

Best Pay Per Click Ad Network Publisher (PPC Sites).

Here are the top 12 best PPC Ad Networks, along with their brief reviews. Note that these PPC ad networks are not arranged rank wise and each network has it’s own pros and cons so make your decision according to your requirements.

1. Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is a PPC ad network that is known for its quick activation. This ad network has one of the highest revenue sharing percentages and the interface is quite intuitive. There are real-time project reports and performance reviews. You can even combine this ad network with other ad formats and networks in order to maximize your earnings online. But this ad network is recommended for beginners as their traffic might be low and some optimization is required for best performance.

2. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is a PPC ad network that isn’t quite well known but it is still worth checking out. Bitvertiser offers PPC advertising and is mainly preferred by publishers who do not get approved by Google Adsense. This PPC ad network easily accepts approvals and the policies are not that strict. You will be good to go unless your platform is linked to any illegal activity. The rates are quite good and publishers will be able to make a decent income online but then again you can not compare it to Google Adsense.

3. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the king of advertising when it comes to PPC ad networks. It is undoubtedly the best ad network and is the first choice for every content creator. Google’s vast network and best in class algorithms offer relevant ads and best rates leading to high income. But due to such high demand, Google Adsense has a very strict content policy and tends to block platforms easily. Getting approval for a publisher Adsense account is very hard and many times publishers choose another PPC ad network over Google Adsense.

4. Facebook Audience Network

There is a lot of traffic on Facebook and there are many pages which post content and draw traffic to various kinds of blogs and other platforms. Recently, Facebook introduced instant articles that open third-party web pages in facebook mobile app instantly but in a formatted way. With Facebook Audience network, you as a publisher can place ads in these instant articles. The ads placed by Facebook Audience Network are highly targetted and are most likely to be clicked by the users. Hence, if you have a platform that publishes entertainment or social content, and Facebook is one of the main sources of the traffic, then we highly recommend giving Facebook Audience Network a chance.

5. PopAds

PopAds is one of the oldest ad networks online. It was established in 2010 and since then it has been one of the premium ad networks. PopAds is known for its quick approval and not so strick content moderation policies. PopAds has a large inventory for ads and chances for PopAds to serve relevant ads to your platform or App are quite high compared to other new ad networks. During our testing, we found PopAds to be performing very good.

6. Infolinks

Infolinks is the next PPC ad network that doesn’t work in traditional ways. Instead of placing a banner, Infolinks places ad links in the text as ads under relevant words. Although this might seem unusual, Infolinks is the 3rd largest PPC ad network on the internet. It has been acting as a supplement PPC ad network for many content publishers along with traditional advertising in order to maximize income.

7. Revenuehits

RevenueHits is another great PPC ad network that deserves a place in this list. It is known as one of the biggest advertising networks online. There are many models of advertising available with RevenueHits and PPC advertising is one of them. RevenueHits has commendable support and the implementation of this ad network is very simplified.

8. Adnow

AdNow is one of the new PPC ad networks available on the internet. It has a small minimum payout amount to attract small and new publishers which is a good step. Another feature of AdNow that we appreciated during our testing is that it accepts platforms and apps in many languages so non English content can be easily monetized with AdNow. The Approvals are quick and there is also a good referral system. The only problem is that Adnow is found to be serving irrelevant Ads and there is no filter to remove inappropriate advertisements.

9. Native Ads

Native Ads is one of the best alternatives to Adsense when it comes to PPC ad networks. It has quite a lot of advantages as a well known PPC ad network. The approval process is really simple and most platforms and apps are approved within a day if they have legal content. The installation is easy and Native Ads share up to 70 percent revenue with the publishers which is great.

10. Clicksor

Clicksor is a quite well known PPC ad network. This ad network easily approves platforms and users find it very intuitive. The best feature of Clicksor is that it can be combined with other ad networks easily. All you need to do is place at least 3 ad units from Clicksor on a single page. There are numerous sizes of ads available and the plugins are easy to install on most blogging platforms as well. The only downside is that the minimum payout threshold is very high upto $100.

11. Chitika

Chitika is a PPC ad network that is not just an alternative to mainstream ad networks. We can give this network a try alongside other ad networks in order to maximize income online. This ad network takes about a week for approval but the best thing about this a network is that you only need to get approval for one of your sites and you can start advertising with Chitika. PPC rates for Chitika depend on your content and the type of traffic your content attracts. We found that ads served by Chitika were quite relevant.

12. is a combined venture of Yahoo and Bing. It is a very reliable ad network but it mainly focuses on English content and gives high PPC rates for traffic from countries like USA and Canada. This PPC ad network is known for its performance and real-time ad tracking tools. Users might compare it to Google Adsense but its not even close. No doubt it is actually easy to register with and get approved as a publisher.

Hence, these are the top 12 best PPC Ad Networks that you can choose from. These pay per click sites can help you make money online through your web platform or app. Please share your thoughts and experiences about these ad networks with us in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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