Adfly Review 2022: URL Shortener Network With Payment Proof

Adfly is one of the best URL shortening ad networks in the world. It has been on the market since 2009 and is still a top advertising network for URL shrinking. Adfly is among the top 100 websites according to Alexa and can be trusted for great advertising. It is the best way to earn money online just by shortening & sharing links. Adfly serves ad while opening the link and the user can skip the ad to visit the original link. This way you can earn money every time someone clicks on the link you shortened using Adfly. Many people have earned thousands of dollars using Adfly and you can be one of them too.

But in recent few years we have seen many users reporting that adfly is blocked by their ISP, so they can choose any good alternative network like which performs very well. Even you can try . But if adfly is available then we only recommend this outstanding platform Here in this article, we are going to give you the complete Adfly review for advertiser and publisher along with the proper explanation of each and every feature. This is your complete guide on how to advertise and earn through Adfly.

Adfly Review For Advertisers.

Let us first discuss the features offered by Adfly for the advertisers. Does Adfly deserve to be your choice for advertising? Let’s find out. Features of Adfly for Advertisers are:

1. Affordable Ad Campaigns.

With Adfly, You can start your ad campaign with as low as $5 and get up to 5000 visitors which is great. You can choose expensive packages later if you feel satisfied with the traffic Adfly sends you. Note that the 5000 visitors may not be unique and according to our experience, we got about 1000 unique visitors.

2. The quality of Traffic.

In our experience with Adfly, we did not get up to the mark traffic quality. Although the number of visitors was great, they were mainly from Asian and developing countries instead of from tier 1 countries such as the US, UK, or Canada. If you want specifically high-quality traffic, you can use GEO targeting explained below.

3. Geo-Targeting.

The most common ad campaign package offered y Adfly is the worldwide package, but as an advertiser, you can always customise the location for your target audience with Adfly. Each county and location have its own advertising rates that keep on varying according to the market situations. This way you, as an advertiser, can get quality traffic from the desired locations around the world.

4. Detailed Statistics.

Adfly offers very accurate and detailed statistics about the type of traffic and the demographic sent to your website. The number of visitors, their location, the time spent on your website and many other details are constantly updated by the second for you to monitor. Hence, you can exactly see the benefits of advertising with Adfly in real-time.

Adfly Review For Publishers.

Let us now look at the features offered by Adfly for the publishers. This way users can earn money using Adfly. As Adfly is a URL shortener ad platform, it is not complicated to earn money from Adfly. For publishers, Adfly offers the following benefits:

1. Type of Ad Network.

Adfly is a URL shortener, which means you have to shorten URL links via adfly. Adfly then shows ads while redirection and you can earn via them. There are two types of ad formats on Adfly. They are:

Interstitial Ads: The ads that show up when a user clicks Adfly shortened link and show up for 5 seconds before the user clicks “Skip Ad”.

Banner Ads: Adfly also offers banner ads in which an ad banner is displayed on the site redirected by your link Shortened by Adfly.

2. Rates.

Ad rates vary with location and quality of traffic. Rates change in real time according to market and traffic conditions. For Adfly, you can view the most updated ad rates on “”. In our research and experience with Adfly, we found the rates to be somewhat low but not as bad. Here is what we earned from banner as well as interstitial ads.

Interstitial ads: $5 per 1000 views.
Banner ads: $3 per 1000 views.

3. Mode of Payment.

Adfly offers a minimum payout of $5. Payments can be requested daily that means there is no limit on requesting payments per month. You can request payment and get paid as soon as you hit the $5 mark anytime. The payments on Adfly are made via commonly used money transfer services such as PayPal, Payoneer and Payza. There are many proofs of payment by Adfly on the internet and you can easily trust Adfly for guaranteed payment. We can assure you about it.

4. Referral Program.

Just like most ad networks, Adfly offers its own referral programs. you can use these referral programs to maximise your earnings just by minimum work. Adfly referral programs work for a lifetime that means all you have to do is add people once and you can earn for the lifetime. Adfly offers 20 % of the income for a fellow publisher that joins Adfly via your referral whereas you can also earn 5 % of the total spending forever advertiser you add via referrals to the Adfly network.

5. Other Publisher Tools.

For publishers to help in better advertising, Adfly offers a large number of tools. These tools help the publishers to easily take the full advantage of Adfly network and make the best out of the ad platform. Tools that publishers get on Adfly platform are:

  • Mass Shrinker.
  • Multiple Links.
  • Easy Link.
  • API Documentation.
  • Google Analytics.
  • Plugins.


In this Adfly review. We declare that Adfly URL shortener network is totally safe and secure and trusted by many advertisers and publishers. Don’t worry about anything just sign up now and starting earning also share this adfly review with your friends who wants to earn online. Payment Proof

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